Home again

Aravaipa sky


I’m home again with Miss Fish after a couple of days in the mountains north of Tucson. It was lovely to have a few days off to simply rest my brain.

cracked mud at Aravaipa

I’ll be back in the saddle tomorrow, finishing up a massive photoshoot, finishing up the work to divide the Ranch (my tenants arrive next week) and getting CGB ready for our second press run  (which technically deserves a giant celebration, but there isn’t time…)

aravaipa sunrise

Brandenburg Mountain Aravaipa



3 thoughts on “Home again

  1. So, Im dying to know how the ranch distribution will shake out. May I be nosy and ask? Will you keep your bedroom? Will you have access to your kitchen? Will a portion of the house be closed off? How will the pool and the Back 40 be divided? What about when your men and/or Bri (so sorry – correct spelling has left my mind) come to visit?

    • It’s quite a natural distribution, as there is a long hallway, so it’s easy to divide off the three bedrooms and master bath at the end of the house, so that the main house is a glorious one bedroom 1.5 bath paradise, and I have three large rooms to do with what I wish.

      I don’t need a big kitchen, or a room full of food, so I’m making a smaller one in the room that used to be my metal studio (faces the pool) and a pretty one outside, with a nice grill. People coming to stay with me will experience the natural result of me going from 2400 to 500 square feet; I don’t have three guest rooms anymore. Anyway, it’s only temporary- when we want the whole house back, we can just move the bookcases and open the door in the hallway. Ta da.

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