Thermogladius Awesomus

Holy moly.

In a way, I don’t have much to report. I’m just working really hard- I’m shooting photos for Volume II of CGB, going through everything I own and smallerizing, and getting the house ready for its new adventure in being a house and an apartment.

I’m kind of exhausted, but in a good way. In a Get It Done kind of a way.

wild skies

I’m working so hard that I’m crossing things off of my list that have been there for years. Yesterday morning, it was like I was handed the Hot Sword of Awesome and my list was wrought in butter.

It was hard to hold it all morning, but I did, I kept it raised until it went away. No one keeps the Hot Sword Of Awesome for more than a few hours; it’s good to make the most of every second.

Datz Katz close up web

I’ve taken a thousand photographs in this past week; many of them will need a lot of Photoshop work to pull their clear, clear-coated, metallic, soft pink or pale yellow beads out of obscurity for the white background of the book pages. I weep with gratitude now when I get a piece that isn’t edged with pale or clear beads, like this nice black-edged bangle from Debra in Nova Scotia.

Tomorrow afternoon I’m off for a couple of days of actual vacation; I’m as excited as you might guess I might be. I’m so tired from all of the work that I’m perfectly primed to just let go, and the timing is excellent- nothing is on fire.

In lizard news, my friend Allison is here for the weekend, and I was so pleased that Orangelina ran out to greet her, and even hung out with us for a while as we watched birds. I think of O as very social and friendly, completely engaged in her environment, aware of me, curious about the goings-on of the yard, but you never know if she will get involved with visitors.

But she did. Maybe tomorrow Mr. Long and Lovely will show himself. I haven’t seen Alexander since the fateful day that I refused him entry to my bedchamber.

4 thoughts on “Thermogladius Awesomus

  1. Am saving some of your wonderful summer cloud pictures to take out and dream on next January. I love summer clouds.

  2. Maybe Alexander hoped to find shelter in your room, with the hawk gang getting established in your area… I hope that he’s fine and dating another girl…
    I absolutely love your expression “Hot Sword of Awesome cutting throught a list wrought in butter.” Awesomus you!

  3. Hi Kate, Thank you! so much for all the praise of my Reversible Rick Rack bangle! Love hearing about Orangelina and do hope Alexander shows up soon. Rejection from a wonderful woman as yourself must be so difficult on his ego. ENJOY the weekend vacation – you truly deserve it !!!
    Almost forgot – Prince PV is willing to part with the Rick Rack crown bangle!!! and he is smitten with Miss Fish ♥ Smiles and giggles from all of us in little ole Nova Scotia

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