Astonishing, isn’t it?

Five days without a blog post. Unheard of.

You can perhaps imagine the demands on my time.

I found that having the family here, I simply didn’t have the same twelve hour workday available, and had to go into a different mode to just get the minimum done.

In a way, it’s like I’m responsible for a flock; they count on me to keep the CGB project together, and vibrant, and make the most of all of their attention and input. But created systems like that start to become unhealthy or dormant if neglected for even a day or two… Facebook has become the place that the book “happens” and so that is where I have been.

You know, if you are interested in the project but not on Facebook you can still see the page, and I welcome you there. Have a look if you like. If you are on Facebook, give it a “Like” if you like. You can “Like” pages just to high-five them, but then choose to not have them show up in your News Feed.

Here is a link:

I suspect that a lot of people don’t have me on “feed” period, blog, personally or Facebook-wise, because I am such a prolific communicator. I don’t mind. I move forward with what I have to work with, and I am always willing to work with what I have.

I’ll be back in the saddle soon; huge things (good things) are happening in all fronts of my life, and in my projects, and I am ecstatic in body and mind. I’m strong, and healthy, and full of life, the yard is full of MORE MORE MORE baby lizards, baby hawks, little cats, and everything seems to be working as intended.

I mean, just look. For the love of Christ.

August FTW

5 thoughts on “Astonishing, isn’t it?

  1. Even when I know I shouldn’t be looking and reading, I do. I mean, I might miss that gorgeous bracelet, or the link to the accoustic guitar of Mark Knopfler ( who just announced a tour!!). i love it all. I love seeing your pics of your yard and animals etc etc. I just don’t KNOW how you do it all!

  2. I read your blog regularly and you are on my newsfeed. I love reading your posts on FB and seeing the pics of your place and of jewelry from Geometric Beadwork…still need time here to bead! I have the book when I do!

  3. I’m not a Facebook kinda person but I certainly read your blog posts. Frequent posts are never a problem when they’re like yours–interesting and filled with lovely photos

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