It’s very pretty here

The weather is mild, the skies are blue, the pool is swimmy.


As you can see above, my green extension cord is still stupidly hanging, unseen by my human eyes until I look at a photo, and then it screams out: Wrong! Wrong!

Diamondback Bridge in Tucson

We plundered the Little Poca Cosa for lunch today, enjoying the Diamondback pedestrian bridge not once, but twice.

The clouds were exactly what one would have wanted them to be.

I am exhausted by all of my human contact, but also nicely full of boy-love. Evan has helped me wrap hundreds of books (each book gets a signed bookplate, postcards, is placed inside a protective envelope and given a CGB stamp… it takes time, but when they are done in advance, shipping is a breeze… and they’ve collated postcards and taken out trash and carried boxes of books and done all kinds of manly shiz.

evan scrabble

We’ve swum every day, made smoothies, pancakes, played Scrabble.

Currently Evan and I are in the last plays of a battle that stands E: 307, K: 306. Tomorrow, one will fall.

We swam with friends.

boys in the pool


Bill comes home from Canada tomorrow night, then they leave on Saturday, headed back to the start of school.

7 thoughts on “It’s very pretty here

    • Chris in particular would dig the bridge, because it is for bikes too, and it hooks the Rillito bikeway up with the one that runs parallel to the Aviation parkway. It’s part of a very ambitious (for Tucson or any sprawly Western town that is) urban bike plan.

      He can now ride from way out northwest on the “river” all of the way across Tucson to the southeast, past the air base, without ever interacting with a car. It’s pretty awesome.


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