freaky pretty

It’s freaky gorgeous here, and I’m enjoying the last week of the boys, amazing that the time is almost gone. They are now, after weeks of retraining, almost entirely civilised.

Dang Its Pretty HereThings are very whirly at the moment but soon, so soon, they will fall calm, and I will rake the yard, and do the laundry, and collect myself, and tell you everything.



4 thoughts on “freaky pretty

    • All of them, Bill and the boys, really appreciate the turnaround I make in their overall situations by enforcing minimum standards of dress (like actually wearing pants) and personal behavior, and bed-making and such, but I’m not sure that they grasp how much time it takes to bother other people about what is essentially trivial. A person can either live life, or run around monitoring how other people live life. The latter has little appeal to me, yet I am unwilling to live in a sea of dirty dishes and unmade beds.

      Boys are delightful, I wouldn’t want a life without them, but most come bundled with squalor and noise. They are nicer to love than they are to live with, so I mostly pick loving them, rather than supervising and endlessly chivvying them. They can grasp the difference, they can make their own order. I was a terribly unkempt teenager, but good sense eventually kicked in and I always had my mother’s example to remember and call on.

  1. No doubt your boys will benefit for a lifetime with your training program. Wives will thank you!
    My Saudi Student is in my gentle training program. How to do his own laundry, clothes and sheets get washed every Tuesday. Clean your dishes, bathroom, etc. He is a willing and polite student of household chores. So nice! Boys do have their own energy. I like having one in my home again.

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