A soft day

Today should be gentle.

I’m hoping for some sunshine to work with at the photo table this morning, and I have a lot of beadwork ready to send home to makers. Later in the day a lot of boys who used to be very small but are now very tall will be splashing around in the pool.

Sunrise on the pool

Bill is in Canada for a meeting (actually I think he’s tromping around Sudbury today on a field trip) all week, and I’m glad to get up early again, go straight to work. Somehow, when he’s warm in bed with me, it doesn’t seem sensible to start marching around at 5:00 in the morning.

2 thoughts on “A soft day

  1. And a beautiful day here on the coast. Also, it’s B.C. Day (long weekend) and an arts festival all week. I’m totally thrilled with the book and busy, busy. Congratulations on the progress with CBW II!

    • I’m so glad you got your copy, finally. There is something coming in Volume II that I think you will enjoy, involving the use of Guide Rows to build your gorgeous row of tubes in one pass.

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