Hawks in my trees

The B40 is carpeted in dove feathers. This is bad for the doves but good for the family of Cooper’s Hawks hunting in the yard. I have been informed that there are four young; I don’t think I’ve ever seen six together, so I can’t confirm. But everywhere I (and the doves) look there is a hawk.

My email has been many things in the past 24 hours, but for the last 18 it’s only been one thing: Missing. Bluehost, a company I switched to this year after many positive recs, suffered a server melt this morning. Through this, we learned that they apparently had no backup server agreement, and that they were willing to put one of their least capable communicators on Twitter damage control. It would be interesting to see if they lose more customers for having a full day outage, or for their stunningly lame response to same.

They would have done better to just put a photo of Bryan Ferry in their Twitter Feed and leave it at that.

Ferry red cummerbund

In addition to my email, my IPhoto hung, my Internet went in and out, and it’s been too overcast to shoot photos. It hasn’t been the most effective day of my life.

I’m still trying to figure out if I’m dead- I had a dream last night that something went wrong and I was killed, but I cheated a bit and didn’t go. I couldn’t feel my own pulse, but I was motile, so I figured that it would all sort itself out if I just kept moving.

But maybe I’m just really dead. I can write all of the emails I want, but I can never send them.

On the up side, the trees are full of Cooper’s Hawks.

No Tree Is Free

This is not awesome for the doves, whose feathers litter the ground, but there are many doves and few hawks. It will likely sort itself out as well if everyone keeps moving.

I see a hawk now as frequently as I used to see emails.

Hawks on Roofs


Hawks on Wires

11 thoughts on “Hawks in my trees

      • LOL… I think you’re VERY much alive, or maybe flying alongside in an alternate universe…one of the funniest sights I ever saw was when an osprey caught a fish in a nearby lake, and chose to eat it on a big snag just down the hill from my house— 6 vultures came to beg for scraps, some even on the ground! Stayed there for a good hour.

  1. My husband informs me that it was Bluehost who crashed their servers 2,5 years ago and had no back up at all for those who had their website hosted there, and everything was totally lost… A big forum about beading which counted an incredible amount of members suddenly disappeared for good. I can’t believe that they did the mistake again. I also had my website with a company before, and there was always something wrong. I am so happy to have it at home now, not depending on stupidm underpaid, incapable personel.

    • I back up my own site, and all of my own data. I would never rely on a host to do that.
      But I can’t control the preservation of the undelivered email… Really, them putting their least useful employee on their Twitter feed today was the worst thing they did. It showed, in a very meaningful way, that they don’t have a fucking clue. Sometimes it’s the little things like that, and you see that they just really, absolutely, have no concept.

      It’s not something I can comprehend. I’ll bet they lose as many customers from the last eight hours on Twitter as they do from the outage.

      • I am glad to read that you won’t lose anything and yes, doing one’s own back-up is the best you can do. And yes, I would definitely turn my heels if I were a customer.

  2. dear Kate, you are in my blog on July 30. I am sorry I have been off the radar xoxoxox jean

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