A cool mountain break

I keep saying, “there is so much going on”, but that isn’t really very informative. It’s just that being around so many other people takes all of what I have to give in that bin, and there isn’t any more left to write. And I’d almost feel stupid telling you all that I am doing, because it’s simply too much for any single human to do. But doing it I am.

This morning, after a lovely evening up on Mt. Lemmon (our friends Don and Diana have a cabin, and Don joined us) I left Bill and the boys up in the pines and came down ahead of them to catch up. Catch up on email, on the noise in my head, on anything possible. It’s stupid that I can’t take more than one day off, but I simply can’t. Too much stacks up, and then I can’t ever catch up again.

It went like this.

View From Dons Deck 2013

McKinnons are very fierce in the wild. That’s Don in the back, not fierce at all.

McKinnons In The Wild

Horse is Strong

Sunrise, and then green chili eggs, Kona coffee, and a departure.

Mt Lemmon sunrise

Bill leaves on Saturday for a week in Canada (science meeting) and then they all take off on August 10th, and I will miss them, but my head will clear and I will once again be able to communicate.

So much is going by me now… and soon my life is changing; I will have so much more freedom, because I won’t have the responsibility of keeping an eye on the whole of the Ranch. I can’t wait to see you, Kayta and Kellan!

The thought makes me dizzy with joy.

5 thoughts on “A cool mountain break

  1. wonderful that you could take some time out, even if not too long. I wish you’ll find time for yourself soon, nobody can continue like you do on the long run. Be careful. Plan some “nothing” with champagne (or another drink you affection) ; )

    • All I really need time out from is over-interaction with others. Every aspect of my communication is swamped right now, humans, email, people calling on the phone.

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