Bill and I got up this morning and drove down South to see my grandma, who is in a nursing home in Green Valley, and my Aunt Gail, who lives up on family land in the Sierrita Mountains, which rise over Green Valley and Sahuarita from the southeast.

Grandma turned 99 in May, and she’s happy, and sweet, and it was great to see her.

Grandma Dena and Kate July 2013

Below, the view from my Aunt Gail’s porch, just about perfect, making me think that one of these days when I’m old I’ll just drag the Barbie Coach up there and sleep away my days, watching the sky.

View from Gails porch

We drove back into Tucson on the old Mission Road, and passed by Helmet Peak on the way.

As a child, Bri always wanted to climb it, but it’s never looked exactly friendly to me. And there are always vultures circling the peak, which is either a great or not-so-great sign. There are three in this shot, in fact, but you have to click and enlarge to see them.

Helmet Peak AZ

It was a beautiful day, very restorative.

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  1. I agree that your grandma is beautiful at 99 and I love seeing you wearing the bow and arrow earrings!

  2. Ha ha! I just had the exact same experience as Evelyn! I never saw the vultures, but am going to clean my computer screen right now!
    Your grandmother is beautiful and lucky to have you visit her.

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