smashing through

Happily, the technical problems I was having with our ISBN number, my author page on Amazon, and the stickiness of our Internet have all been sorted after many days of throwing myself into them. The cabinet handles, however are still sticky, as is some of my email.

The monsoon skies have been tremendous, which has been a vast help with the annoyance of problems that really shouldn’t be there in the first place. My “rain barrel” is full, topped off with cool, clear rainwater. The Coops are hunting in the yard, the cats are sleepy, the boys are swimming, and making noise, and they harvester ants are working like maniacs, filing away all of the spent blooms, tasty little leaves, and discarded flying ant wings (what are they doing with those, I wonder?)

Bill has flown off to the DC area for a week, for a Pluto meeting. I envy him, seeing favorite people of mine like Hal Levison, Fran Bagenal, Henry Throop, Alan Stern, Paul Schenk. Dave Grinspoon!  So many more. Planetary scientists are the salt of the Earth.

Speaking of skies, this was the view across the street from our house, this afternoon, looking to the north.

Out the Front Door

And these two are just outside of the airport, where the desert is pristine, and there are roadrunners, ravens, and other birds I don’t see in town like this EXCELLENT turkey vulture, who was wheeling and rolling and enjoying the thermals. Looking north:

Turkey Vulture by the Airport

Looking east:

Clouds by the airport

Coming into town (photo taken through the windshield, why it’s so yellow):

way home from the airport

This is the view from our front door, looking northeast, across our little Personal Park. The trees are visibly enjoying the rains; they seem very busy all of a sudden.

Park across the street

Orangelina, who was very frisky today after yesterday’s brush with doom, is equally busy. I love it when she stands up very tall like this.

Oranglina curious

When I finished up my shipping tonight at around 10 pm and logged on to Amazon to see if CGB had any new reviews today, I about wept with happy to see that yes, we did, and they were wonderful. I spent a lovely bit of time reading them.

Great reviews are like gold for books like ours that are outside of the mainstream; they will help move the book further into the world. If you’d like to leave one of your own, here’s a link, and it’s greatly appreciated.

Screen Shot 2013-07-21 at 10.45.05 PM