Big rain

We had our first really big rain here in Tucson today. It was glorious, but it came with some wind that pulled over a post, a shade sail, a few strings of lights. It’s always good to have the reminder- anything can happen. We got almost an inch of rain in twenty minutes; it was very exciting, very Arizona.

In the heat of the moment, while running back to get a ladder to unhook the other parts of the downed shade sail, I almost stepped on Orangelina, who was standing around back by the pool shed, looking up into the opening sky like a turkey.

As you might imagine, I was glad to see her after the storm was over. But she looks a little cowed.

Orangelina postperil

Stuff is kind of sticky right now- the Internets, the cabinet handles, expectations of what will get done vs. the reality of what gets done. The first two are easy to improve. The third, well, it’s kind of crazed, trying to work with hundreds of people on dozens of different projects. It’s time to tighten up my ship, to begin to narrow my focus for the publication of the second volume of CGB.

As you might imagine, Miss Fish is a huge help with the many things that need doing.

sleepy fishstick

Have a look at this glorious bangle made by Nathalie Delesse, in France.

There is so much going on here, but it’s so well planned and executed that the net effect is simplicity. I adore it. I hope to see it in person, either in Tucson or Barcelona.

Nathalie web 2

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