Good morning, Friday!

The skies have been beautiful lately.

This was the sunrise this morning, over the pool.

Friday sunrise

And yesterday evening.

Morning Sky

And this was the view to the north yesterday late afternoon, while Bill was driving us down the skanky Fort Lowell. Excuse the Circle K.

Afternoon sky


I’m enjoying the experience of the overcast weather today, but I admit I’m looking for photons- I have three boxes lined up on the photo table and lots more on the way.

Can’t fall behind, not in July! We’re looking at a November press run for Volume II, and books arriving for the December hols.

Here is one of the pieces I shot yesterday- Deb Bednarek’s joined Jester’s Rufflecuff.

Click to enlarge.

Deb Bednarek Jester Ruffle web

3 thoughts on “Good morning, Friday!

  1. I love that ruffle cuff. swoon!!! and I always love to see your pictures of the sky. so open and wide and blue…

  2. I was worried about you when I hadn’t seen a blog from you for several days. I almost sent an email when I realized that Google rearrainged the order of my emails. They now pre read my emails and then decide what the subjects of that email might be and where it should be placed and list it with others that they think are similar and place them in one,(or more?) separate, unseen, catagories,to be stored here or there. I’m really glad that you continue to be great.

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