Today! Boys!

bill and kate mckinnon, wedding day, nov 14, 1992

I’m as excited to see Bill as I was when we were courting. He and the boys fly in this evening in time for dinner: Caruso’s patio, of course. Evan’s desire is strong about food and places to eat, and so we often defer to him, which is rarely wrong as his taste is sublime.  We’ll get around to everything by the time summer ends.

Liam and Evan at Carusos, June 2012

Caruso’s is my favorite place to sit outside in Tucson, it’s no hardship. Last year, the timing of the first Caruso’s visit worked out for the Venus Transit, Spacefest, and a visit from the Dali-like Carter Emmart, just out of frame in the above photo. The boys said, “He’s pretty out there, isn’t he?”

Carter and I had a text conversation a few days ago that simply involved an exchange of photos of our action figures.

And that is the kind of conversation I can really get my mind around.

So much to do today, then so much love to fall into.

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