Peaceful people

I’m grateful to have so many intelligent, kind people in my life who don’t own weapons of war or want to enforce their fears or religious beliefs on other humans.

Bill and Kate at Ricardo Cat

I’m so glad that the love of my life is a gentle man of peace who believes in education and tolerance, and that he gets only gentler and happier as his life goes on, not cranky and grumpy, and that my children believe in love and kindness, and that my friends are people who envision peace and work to create, rather than constrain, command, or destroy.

Gail and Bri

(Happy birthday, Gail Crosman Moore!)

Evan and the Dread Pirate Jasper, Christmas 2011

Liam Sucka

And I’m extra-grateful that I’m connected to so many people around the world who feel the same.

Bill was at a McKinnon family wedding in New Orleans this weekend, and his cousin-by-marriage Ruth said, out of the blue, “I love your wife’s BLOG!” and I was so touched. I’ve never met her, and I certainly didn’t know she was reading, but I’ll say hello now.

Hello, Ruth, kindred spirit out there in the universe.

Hello all of you, out there, wondering what the hell is the matter with people. Most of you lurk; you do not interact with me, which sometimes makes me feel lonely, but I remember you, and I’m happy to know that you are out there.

Today is a good day to pour a little extra love out, to reach out and do something kind, to give away something you value, to pet an animal a little longer, to say you are sorry to someone you hurt, to clean up a mess, to plant a tree, to make someone food. Our whole Earth is a system, and we can add whatever we like to it.

Love is an action.

15 thoughts on “Peaceful people

  1. Thanks for your words of wisdom, your inspiration and your hope and action for a more peaceful world. There’s never too much kindness on the planet and you more than do your part to extend it to all. May you receive it back tenfold.

  2. Isn’t it wonderful when we have days that allow us to appreciate the goodness in life, even if it is in the tiny, small things that occur. And we must use our memories on other days that give us cause to doubt the quality of the universe.

  3. Yes,Yes & Amen! I love your blog too Kate! And I love to love people by making them food. And so I find myself baking for my family most often. Today was a “pancake Sunday” for us w/ fresh organic blueberries in & out of pancakes w/ REAL maple syrup, & fresh ground coffee! My son Matt provided perfectly baked, crunchy, turkey bacon for us on the side.

  4. What a lovely stream of thought and energy~ thank you for the birthday greetings, the day has been a tad bit rocky but it all worked out in the end, a fine trip to the art museum, lunch with friends to come home and have my problem solved and evidence that people are out there offering up their love and well wishes, I love this aspect of Facebook~ today it solved my problem and showered me with love, not bad.

  5. This struck a chord with me too. I’m grateful for so many things in my life, especially my amazing family. I speak the gratitude regularly, too, because saying it is nice for me and for them. With all the nonsense and crap in the world, it’s nice to live in a cocoon big enough to hold us all.

  6. Kate, this is Ruth & Larry. We loved having Bill, Fraser, and their Dad & Suzanne share in our family wedding. As you say it’s so important to share our love and to also spend our precious moments with our family. I wish you and the boys could have been with us too. Yes, I love your blog. Your expressions of this vast universe and life help me realize that I don’t take enough time to let my family and friends know how much I love them. Thank you for giving me the nudge I needed to do better and to stop worrying about the things that don’t really matter! Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.

  7. Talk about food as a love gift, I send some beaded cheesecake with every email. And…no calories! Now that is a piece of peaceful!! I made a really yummy one for my son’s memorial party that served 200 and was decorated with fruit as a flag for his birthday, which would have been # 55 on Flag Day. I was working on the beaded cheesecake as I was reading Vol. I. Oh how I wished I could incorporate a MRAW !

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