5 thoughts on “Our lovely knocked up girl

    • Don’t you just want to squeezle her? Kiss Kiss Orangelina!
      Last summer she was so hopelessly, heavily pregnant that all she could really do was lay on the top of the wall with all four little legs straight out to her sides. She was very vulnerable! I twined the vines into a little bower and she liked that, and Alexander, braveheart, sat with her every damned day until she egged.

      I was so touched, so worried, so happy when she got past it and scampered like a little chicken again. And now our yard is STUFFED with her children.

  1. What type of reptile is she? I’ve always wanted a bearded dragon,it the feeding it flies all the time that disturbs me.

  2. Lesli – I have a Bearded Dragon and she subsists on a mostly vegetarian diet, her favorites being peas, kale, and blueberries. Occasionally I’ll buy her crickets for a treat. If she’s outside and spies a pillbug she likes those, too.

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