progress on all fronts!

It’s too hot to have a three-Kate day, but I did the best I could over the course of three days, or three hundred, and things are going well.

As I spend more time studying systems (my life’s work) I’ve come to see everything in my life as a system; the Ranch, the books, the internet, the universe, a relationship, a family. The same rules operate no matter what system we are working in, big or tiny, and the key is balance.

Front Door Lights

This new way of seeing that I have somehow been blessed with (to be able to see thoughts and ideas and systems visually, as three-dimensional shapes) has been a great gift, as it helps me search for thick or thin spots, feel for balance.

As a result, I am a happier system, as are all of the other systems I design, create and maintain.

I don’t know how long I will be able to see like this, but I would be grateful if it were forever. All pressure is off; all drive for recognition or for eternity or for people to love me back, it’s all rendered completely meaningless in the big picture, and all that seems to matter is what is actually thought, said, and done. And those things seem to matter in that order, but not one of them can be discounted as affecting the whole. It feels like the day I realized I could simply tilt my screen toward me, and any anomalies in the white background of my photos would be immediately and clearly revealed. I was like, “Duh.”

I’ve been working on the house and the yard in my spaces between other works, and it’s really coming along nicely. Here are some photographs.

The photo above shows the lights on our front door. If anyone EVER sees Ikea sell these huge, professional, glorious light strings or nets again, will they please let me know, or better yet buy me some and allow me to reimburse you?  Each flower is about 6 inches across, in cast acrylic. All colours are awesome.

Good Morning July 13

Above, starting to officially divide my little garden-yard from the main pool area.

Below, for those of you who have asked for a more overall view of the yard, this is the view from my bedroom windows and door, through the arbor, past the birdfeeder and orange trees, through the gap in the wall (Orangelina’s Lurk) and into the B40. The nose of the Barbie Coach could )if a curtain and a wall were not in the way) be seen at ten o’clock in this shot, along the back back fence, under another arbor.

Click to enlarge:

Good Morning July 13th

Our sunsets continue very summery. This is a view from the front yard. The tree in the foreground is a huge pine; refuge of creatures from hummingbirds to hawks.

sunset friday

One great piece of progress is that the new occupants of the main portion of the Ranch arrive on September 1; this means it is officially time for me to live in three rooms, and not do so in clutter.

Last week, I took a first cut at my holdings, and I gave away what amounted to a room full of furniture, clothing, and ephemera; each thing was something that could help someone else, and honestly, I haven’t thought twice about any of it since, except for having to actually drive over to Casa de los Ninos (our local women and children’s shelter) and ask for one of the three TVs back. I’d forgotten (but Bill quickly reminded me) that the boys need one for their Wii. Whoops.

When I attempted to Kill My Television (as we all badly want to do) some long time ago (at least a year, likely two) it oddly did not die. I cancelled my cable service, but it did not stop. I called them up, but still, it did not stop. And so I kept the TVs, and watched Law & Order, Seinfeld, and other things that I could easily be watching on NetFlix. The other morning, while I was feeding the birds, I heard a cough, and there was a man on the pole at the corner of my yard.

I was so surprised have been being watched without knowing it that I didn’t ask him what he was doing, but what he was doing was turning me off. So now it’s just me and the Internet, which is fine.

I wonder what took them so long?

One great improvement in the yard was finally getting shaded parking back for my Hot Wheel- it now is tucked neatly just outside my bedroom window, which I find charming as hell. I tied up a shade sail over it, and around noon I noticed that I miscalculated the angle, and my car was a few feet too far back.

It’s so small, all I had to do was put it in neutral and with one hand, I could push it the few feet forward, and I was charmed anew. Admittedly I am a strong girl, but this is such a light (but sturdy) little car. I love it hugely. This is it, lurking just outside my window. It’s very low to the ground, from my perch sitting in my bed, I can just see the top of the roof, and then it’s all oleander flowers. I had to stand on the bed to get this angle.

Keep Your Baby Close

Amusingly, once when I was winging through the drive-through at P. Feliz, down the road, I drove up with my top up to order, and while I was waiting for my food I put my top down. They thought I left, because I became invisible from their window.

I wondered what was taking so long, and then they finally stuck their head out and were like, OMG! You are here!

We laughed, delightedly, and she said my car suited me, which is true.

12 thoughts on “progress on all fronts!

  1. Funny thing is, when I saw the photo of the lights, in the midst of the comments on systems, that photo just illustrated what you were saying, the various circles touching, overlapping, the colorful focals in random positions, and overall a good synergy and energy.

    • Oh, I thought so too, thank you.

      I also liked the way the line of red came down from the top right to the left; this is backward of the way that I think and it kind of delights my brain.

      • Having lived in Japan as an early-teen — books read from right to left, top to bottom; driving on the left (which my mom promptly did in San Francisco when we got off the ship on our return!), and having driven all over the UK on the “wrong” side of the road— sort of opened my mind up to looking at things from the other direction, and hopefully not getting stuck in a rut.

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