The bubble I occupy in the groundmap for the Love Letters Interview cast map is Writer.

But my real skill is Magician, and my actual role is Chairman, a job I never meant to hold but really have no choice about. I’m running three projects right now and five web sites.


Kate 2013, photo/digital and acrylic painting

I have to admit that although I feel like I’m burning my candle at all ends (in my case all is more than both) I’m quite happy.

I think I’ve got a nice rhythm going now, always working, taking breaks on the schedule of the birds, the cats, hunger, people to play with. I can see how, barring a chaos-driven incident, the rest of my life can be a delightful progression of writing, taking pictures, painting, music, birds, love and travel. I’m hoping for the best.

I’m trying to learn to let people come and go from my projects, my work (and my life) as they wish, not driven by my will. It’s hard for me. But with so many people right now to pay attention to, I have to pull back and take a long view; if anyone resists interaction with me, then it is not a good use of my time to attempt to interact with them. Period. And I have to remind myself of that as needed.

Anyway, I have things to puzzle out regarding the completely obvious fact of the power of our will and our intentions.

The deliberate exclusion of these forces in calculations of action and reaction is bizarre to me.

I keep thinking about that skimmer I drop into the pool… my intention to act is the first force that drives my action, and there is simply no way around that.

Thinking is a physical process with measurable results, and to separate the firing of my neurons and the air I move as my muscles raise my body, pick up the skimmer, and put it in the pool from any calculation regarding the effect of the skimmer on the leaves at the bottom of the pool seems shortsighted.

Of course, there is no end to action in any direction; everything is in motion all of the time and we simply pick the places that we start measuring things, just like we picked the moment that we stopped being pirates and conquerors and started being colonists, oil companies and nations.

Intention is a pointed thing, and you can poke people and systems and the air around you with it, as anyone knows.

How do we make decisions about when to start measuring the effect of an action? Why is this answer so different depending on who is answering the question?

And how can anyone even begin to answer it in the first place, to slice the trajectory of an event (which by definition is affected by and affects the entirely of spacetime) into a little piece of time and say “X happened and that made Y.” ?

And how does one punctuate that last sentence properly?

My GOD. I have so many questions.

8 thoughts on “bubbles

  1. Oh, Kate, there you go again…now I’ve added your questions to my questions with no answers – yet. Even the new mechanic working on my car has drawn me into some deep philosophical conversations lately. Has that super moon put a spell on us all? Or maybe the sweltering heat has finally taken a toll on my brain. Let us all strive to retain our lucidity and continue to bead as our meditation!

      • Please continue your questioning and sharing those questions. Since timelines are usually represented as a fragment of a straight line with someone’s choice of a start and a finish you have changed my view. Now I think of them as a circle or möbius and hopefully when humans, (irregardless of reincarnation and whether it’s us or someone else), “repeats the past” better choices can be made in the timecycle.

  2. I remember hearing a story about Daniel Moynihan. (I am probably getting parts of the story wrong) He was watching a peace treaty in the Middle East, and he made a comment that this was a marker in the time frame started by the British centuries before. Thinking of timelines in the long term, as in centuries, or even eons, is sometimes freeing.

    • Right, if we pull back far enough, we can see the dance of the whole, not just the disruptions of our immediate present. And what started in the Middle East goes back way further than centuries…. every event is connected, immutably, to every other event.

      It strikes me that even human nature follows the patterns of nature; this way of thinking is very beautiful, and as you say, freeing.

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