Daily Lizard

The Pool Is Cool

Although I’ve been working like a fiend, don’t worry, I’ve still found the time to spy on the lizards and swim in the pool.

Orangelina is out for long hours now, and can often be found policing her honeysuckled lurk for ants. Orangelina in her Honeysuckle Cave

Orangelina In Her Honeysuckle

She’s so big and strong. Every time I see Alexander or another Desert Spiny, they seem so small in comparison.

I like the way lizards size each other up; everyone they meet is a candidate for lunch.

I’ve got some pretty interesting work to do now. The CGB projects (all four of them- Vol I, Vol II, the live eBook and the project book for the publisher) are glitteringly lovely (and winding down) the Love Letters project is glitteringly intriguing, and winding up, and I do believe that I’ve found the perfect tenants for the Ranch, people who will love and enjoy the birds and the garden while I take off for a few years to hang with Bill and the boys in Boston and otherwise, and globetrot a bit in service of the interview phase of the LL book.

Layers in progress Kate McKinnon 2013I really like the idea of having revolving boltholes; it’s very Holmes and it appeals to my Secret Ninja gland.

I’m drawn to the picture of having a few rooms at key points on the globe bristling with ball gowns and my (stunning) thrift store art collection, and having everything I need for my craft in my messenger bag; Macbook Pro, camera, music, pens, paper. Beads, books.

If a person stays small, then the world stays huge.

Nice news from the UK- Bryan Ferry’s manager Alistair is lovely; they are quite open to an interview, but a bit later, after the current tour dates are over. That works out nicely, because I can drop off the questions in October, and then catch up with BF later, when he’s had a chance to think about whichever of our ideas seem intriguing.

This is also nice timing for the side project that Joyce Rooks and I have going, with the stark, classical explorations of some of the Roxy themes and Beck samples. Good times.


photo by Kyle Cassidy