A bit of progress to share…

I did a great deal of work on the Love Letters book this weekend; I like this time of mixing Volume II of CGB with the more abstract ideas in Love Letters… and thinking in shapes helps me think about big things.

Scaling is easier, because the patterns of the universe are exactly the same whether in a flock of birds, a dandelion, snail, a forest, or a galaxy.

Love Letters Blog

Here is a peek at the new site for the book; please subscribe if you’d like email updates on the process of creation, or our progress to press. If you click on the image, it will take you to the blog, and you can have a look at my glittering, magnificent, awe-inspiring cast of characters for the Interviews phase of the project. This is all still in draft, of course, with a great deal planned.

9 thoughts on “A bit of progress to share…

  1. I am so interested in your new book. It is so exciting to see that you are making progress. I’m sure that it will be an illuminating read and that it will make me think about things I haven’t ever considered. It will be groundbreaking!

  2. The genesis of the new blog for Love Letters is exquisite, and your cast is mind-bending–I’m not sure if my little brain will be able to survive thinking about them all and what they’ve said, let alone the number and nature of connections between people and categories. Musicians and architects are scientists are writers and makers are magicians are musicians. The whole thing is like a moebius strip roller coaster at its greatest potential. Wheeeeeee!

  3. I’m with Chalon, so many things to consider in such great depth. I’ve only skimmed along the surfaces. Clifford Torus indeed!

  4. I think we should write a song called Clifford Torus, as if “he” were a character. Or perhaps a personal Love Letter to Mr. Torus. Or to Professor Clifford. Oops, just found out there is a band called Clifford Torus…their YouTube video makes me feel like I’m going to have a seizure.

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