Excellent hawk news!

According to the charming Mr. Kelly, whose property hosts the giant pine tree that hosts our neighborhood Coop Nest, we have four beautiful hawklings to look forward to enjoying this July. The’ve fledged, but haven’t learned to hunt yet; they are still sticking around the Kelly crib, making peep-peep sounds, goofing off in the birdbath.

I saw one of them today; I was at over at their house but hesitant to camp out in their backyard. I was a pop-in; at almost exactly noon today I just couldn’t stand it anymore (literally) and I had to know if we had babies in the tree. So I went and knocked on their door, rather unusual for me. (They are delightful people, they didn’t mind at all.)

Of course this is an absurd photo, but I just want you to FEEL IT WITH ME for a moment. Four babies! Four! Soon they will be over here at the Ranch, raising all manner of hell, hanging upside down from branches, calling from the arbors, skulking in the trees.


Last year’s babies were such goofballs.

Fun with Hawks 3

Cooper's Hawk arriving for luncheon in the yard


5 thoughts on “Excellent hawk news!

  1. I am so jealous, love hawks and all things natural…..please keep the pics & stories coming…

  2. We have Redtails who nest across the road from us and I love hearing their whistling scream. The other birds in the neighborhood are not as thrilled as I am, though.

  3. I love the photo of the hawklet just peeping through that negative space…imagine his view of YOU!

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