Roger Miller

Even switching to French won’t give me enough words of love to talk about how much I love Roger Miller.

I see you goin’ down the street in your big Cadillac
girls in the front
girls in the back
and way in the back you’ve got money in a sack
both hands on the wheel and your shoulders right back

(in this video, don’t miss Thumbs Carlisle in his 1960s Batman shirt- 0:44)

My dad used to play Roger Miller records, and he was often on the Johnny Cash show, or one of the many other excellent variety shows that were on in the 60’s and 70’s. He always seemed to be laughing, always the cut-up, but behind the scenes he was moody, and subject to depression, fights, divorces and drug addiction. He died at only 56 of lung cancer; he’d been a heavy smoker.

Ah well. Whenever I think of him, it brings back such happy memories. That has to count for something for Roger; I like to think that now that his troubles are over, it’s just good stuff adding up from here on out. The balance probably toppled years ago; the ratio of happiness and pain for his life is likely sparkly by now.

I’ve posted this one before, but it really takes me back.

How did all of this come up, you wonder?

I bought a 25 cent used cassette at a thrift shop; The Best Of Roger Miller.  My Miata still has its 1989 tape deck; it isn’t even slightly put off by an old piece of plastic.

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  1. A personal fave is his role as Alan-a-Dale the rooster troubadour in Disney’s Robin Hood from ’73.
    Oo De Lally!

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