Jayson Fann's nests

I’m in Full Nesting mode.

Wouldn’t it be fabulous to have a real nest? A couple of days ago, the NYT had a great article on Twigitecture that made me re-crazed to make my own.

I’ve always loved hanging chairs and floating platforms and high-up places.

NEST Drew Kelly for NYT

I’m still thinking about the great Nest we played in at Laumeier.

Kate and Evan in Laumeier Nest

And of course, Lee Barron’s wonderland in Boston. The Cloud Club Treehouse is surely a nest; see it extended off of the roof, covered in vines?

Cloud Club Nest

And the wisteria vine he wove in front of the door, most unusual as a choice for an entrance, even for a bird.

Ryan and Doriot at Lee-Nest Central

Even my jewelry has frequently been about trees and nests, and architecture that is open to the sky and stars.

It seems like a good time for more exploration.

It also seems like I have rather a lot on my mind right now. I can hardly sleep, with all of the thought-trains crashing around in my head.

Dali Summerhome Ring

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  1. Birdie necklace? Certainly the perfect nest. I was so impressed by Lee’s wisteria entrance…it’s the opposite of having a portcullis. I could be changing my tune!

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