Good morning, Tucson.

I’ve finally brushed enough hair off of the two (short-haired!) cats after my long week away that they are about half the size we started at yesterday. Man did it get hot here! If I were them, I’d just shed it all off, and go naked.

The Wild Fishlick

The Fishstick is happy to see me. She’s not letting me out of her sight, but as it seems that I will be home until mid-September, she may as well relax.

It’s been beautiful to get back into the pool. It’s still hovering at around 84, which is probably where it will stay. Still nice and cool on a hot day, but not so cool that it’s a shock to the system.

Good Morning Tucson III

Water looks different in every light; even a swimming pool is a cause for study.

Good Morning Tucson

I’m caught up on my email, finally- if you were waiting to hear from me and haven’t, something’s gone wrong. Email me again. I’ll spend the rest of this week catching up in general, but I should be all new come next Monday, and ready to regale you with new beadwork, the Love Letters official book site, and a lot of exciting news.

I’m glad to be home, but you know, I have to admit that I loved Boston so much that it was hard to leave it.

This was like returning from France; I didn’t come home with the sheer relief that I do when I fly in from less charming places. I find myself mooning for the bridges, the turrets, the buildings, the river, the ships, the people…. what is this strange affliction that has befallen me?

The new kids on deck on the USS Constitution went over to the ship The Friendship Of Salem a few days ago, and began learning how to rig a sailing battleship (it’s more demanding than you might guess).  Here a few shots from their excellent Facebook page.

The lovely ship "Friendship of Salem"

Bri in the rigging of the Friendship of Salem

Above, Bri in the rigging (center). I love scampering up things and would adore to climb the rigging of a ship.

Below, the handsome Sail Master BM1 Hunt from the USS Constitution, reminding me that it’s more than time for my sailor tattoo.

Sail Master Hunt, from the USS Constitution

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  1. AH yes, it is always nice to see one’s hometown from a new perspective. As I dream of Tucson! If we only had your weather I would be perfectly content. Oh and a pool. And a washer/dryer and, and….

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