headed home

This morning early I caught the train out to North Station and Bri met me, and we walked over to see the ship.

T Station Charlestown

It seems like everywhere I go in Boston, someone has a Boston Terrier. In the photo above, you can see another one. Ryan and Doriot and I wondered if maybe you could rent them, like the citybikes or Go cars. We visualized their little stand; each one would have a water bowl, a cute little leash, and maybe a sweater.

It’s a beautiful blue sky day with floating islands of clouds; the air is warmish and soft and there is a breeze off of the ocean.

Constitution early morning

The locks at the bottom of the Tobin Bridge were full of white fish and jellyfish; Bri said it was the first time she’d seen it quite like that. There were small fish, schooling in a circle, larger fish mixed in eating the smaller fish, and then hundreds of jellyfish. It was a whole world of white inside an area otherwise delightfully gritty.

Jellyfish in the Lock

I really loved the ship, the yard, the marina… even her room is adorable. Everyone was friendly. We popped up out of a stairway or something to see the CO on deck; Bri said “Sir!” and I came next and said “Sir!” and he looked at us and laughed, and said, “Nope, no resemblance at all.”

Bri on Deck

USS Constitution gun deck

Bill said, on the phone, “Do they still have cannon?”

Oh yes. In good working order, too. I heard one of them fire, in fact, as I was there for morning colours. I’m not nationalistic, but the ritual was so beautiful, and the ship was so elegant and serious, that I was deeply moved.

It was a privilege to be there, also to be able to prowl the ship on off-hours with my sailor, who seemed much like a ship’s mouse.

We got to go into special (off-tour) places like the captain’s cabin; it’s a mirror of the Visiting Officer’s cabin on the other side of the ship; very small, neat, beautiful. Each of them had a little sitting room included. It’s incredible to think of the circumstances this little room has seen. The people who have sat there, the things they have talked about… I intersect them now, directly, as does Bri.

Bri in the Captains Lurk 2

I love the way sailors handle ropes.

Nice Rope


Below, the view from the Captain’s Lurk (it likely has an official name and that isn’t it).

Boston from the Captians Lurk

Ship’s Mouse.

Ships Mouse

After I went back to Cambridge, Bri suited up for a parade.

I’m on my way home this afternoon, stuffed with adventure.

Sailor Bri on Parade

5 thoughts on “headed home

  1. Bri is working at a really special place. So much history on that ship you could burst. The wood, the ropes. The ghosts. Everything. She glows.

    • As I say, I was surprised (and very happily so) to be moved to tears by the morning colours. The whole experience of the ship, much like Boston, is that it’s very deep for its small size.

  2. The photo of the oculus in the previous post looks like a ship to me….looking up the mast like the photo in this post.
    Bri looks very happy to be there, which is fantastic. I like it when people do work that makes them happy. I’m so glad you all had such a wonderful visit!

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