MIT and such

I am so in love with Boston I can’t see straight. I’m not interested in their winter, or their greenflies, I’m going to be a fair-weather friend, but even so. This place is magnificent. Turn a corner, you’re in Amsterdam or Paris. Turn another corner, there’s a mindbending building or a museum or a bookstore or a friend.

I spent the morning exploring the MIT campus. Everywhere I looked, exciting things were going on. They have a freaking Gehry building.

Gehry MIT 2

Gehry Building MIT

Eero Saarinen designed two beautiful buildings on campus as well, the Kresge Auditorium and the MIT Chapel. Below is a view of the interior of the chapel. The outside of the building is round, it has a cast metal spire, and a MOAT. That’s right, a MOAT. It seems to be treated more like a wishing fountain than a defensive ring, it’s littered with nickels and pennies.

The interior space is a place of peace; impeccable.

MIT Chapel

And, wonder of wonders, there IS a cat here. I was just saying last night, that if there was only a cat everywhere I went, I’d be all set, and who should walk in except this little darling.

kitty kitty

After interviewing Jack (which was also delightful) I hooked up with Gail Moore, and we went back to my cute little place in Cambridge, and caught up while we waited for Bri to bike over from the Navy Yard. We watched the drizzling rain, talked and talked, and then when Bri arrived, we tried on ball gowns and walked out for dinner.

I love how easy it is to walk here; I feel like I could walk the entire city in a weekend, it seems safe; the city is clean, the people are friendly, there are hives of genius, hives of art… man. It’s a real city.

Kate at the Gehry

That’s not a cigarette in my hand, of course, it’s my Skyscraper Ring.

Tomorrow the three of us are going out exploring; the Gardner museum, Harvard and Porter squares, and anything and everything else Gail wants to show us.

I can’t wait.

Yes, that’s a robot in the Gehry. Maybe on a treadmill. Perfectly ordinary; the building is a hive of AI research.

Robot in the Gehry window


Here are Gail and Bri in Thelonious Monkfish, the fantabulous restaurant in Central Square. We had sparkly Thai food, the kind that is so perfectly seasoned it wakes up the sides of your tongue.

Gail and Bri

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  1. Oh yes, the walking. It is all about the walking here. You can walk anywhere and everywhere. And if you get tired you can hop on the T and then walk some more. My car is 11 years old and has 30,000 miles on it. And I bought it used. If I ever do move, the walking is what I will miss.

    • Boston kicks ass and takes names and has you back for tea and takes you out to a righteous party in a beautiful building with a goddamned turret.

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