Bill and Kate at Ricardo Cat

Bill (who is so adorable I can hardly cope with it) might have found me in Ricardo Cat yesterday, but I’ve left St. Louis  now and I’m in Boston, tearing up the town.

I loved the flight; I had a direct and it was excellent, just over two hours, and we had tremendous views from the plane.

Flying into Boston

I’ve never been here before and I love it. It’s so green and lush; it felt like flying into France.

It also felt like landing on an aircraft carrier. I didn’t realize that the runways at Logan are at the water line. As far as I could tell, we were landing in the water. For added authenticity, the winds were around 25 knots.

Green like Green

I dropped my bags in Cambridge (love the free public transportation to and from the airport, Boston) and headed across the bridge to find Lee Barron at the Cloud Club. Amanda Palmer wasn’t home today, but we said hello to her apartment and petted her plastic Horse (which made me miss my own Horse of course) and her beautiful piano. I think she’s back tomorrow.

Bri at Amandas

It was fantastic to see Bri.

Bri in the dome in the Cloud Club

We climbed the Tree and curled up in the Dome of the Cloud Club.

Below, Lee Barron and Stephen Martin at dinner. It was a beautiful evening, with little rain showers that came and went. We didn’t care.

Lee Barron and Stephen Martin

Tomorrow, I have lunch with the lovely and talented Jack Wisdom (I can’t wait to see MIT finally) and Gail Moore is coming in and spending the night so she’s ready and on deck to enjoy the hell out of Bri’s day off on Friday. We’ve got a lot of fun planned, including of course the Isabella Gardner museum and The Garment District (a vintage/costume shop, not a zone). Friday night Ryan’s coming in and we’re going to a party, Saturday Doriot arrives and we’ll tour the ship (hopefully Lee will come too) and Sunday Bri has another day off and we’ll do it all over again.

I love it here. Really love it.

Be sure and let me know in the comments if there is something here that I really mustn’t miss…

sunset Boston


18 thoughts on “Boston

  1. When I was a kid, I spent a lot of time in Boston and NYC because they were about the same distance from my home and my parents were permissive (and knew how small our small town was, especially for me)! I fell in love with the Gardner way back then. It’s so charming and lovely and feels like a cozy place. Lovely. I hope you love it, too.

  2. Your schedule sounds jam packed! It has been so long since I was in Boston, I only remember the Cape. Say hi to Gail Moore from me (I was in her enameling class in Santa Fe) and I am collecting pods for her. What a great foray for you and your munchkin!

  3. The glass flowers at the Harvard Museum of Natural History. The new American wing at MFA (next to the Gardner).

  4. I lived in Boston from 1988 to 1992. I loved walking through the Common and shopping on Newbury Street. Driving in Boston is always a challenge…the worst! Best to take a taxi or public transportation.

  5. It’s been years since I was last in Boston, but you must have the seafood, especially the scrod! I dimly remember a restaurant down near the waterfront called something unimaginative like The Fish Market that had great seafood and funky ambience.

  6. Definitely go see the glass flowers at the Peabody Museum at Harvard!! And if there’s time, go out to Williamstown to the Clark Art Museum!!!! It’s so intimate and wonderful!! The Monets, Renoirs, Sargents, Alma Tademas…. amazing! Plus the landscape of the Berkshires is lovely. Have a great time!

  7. The Garment District is a hoot! You’ll LOVE the giant heap of used clothing that must be waded into for shopping. Sit down in the middle of it all and start hauling clothes out from underneath other customers, then fill a big bag and get it weighed for your total cost. It’s a destination all by itself!

  8. Welcome to my world. Always nice to see it from a new perspective. And bundle up because we are getting a ‘noreaster later today and into tomorrow. It has been “ass” cold this spring/summer so far. Enjoy your visit and don’t forget to go to Legal and get a “lobstah” roll!

  9. If you have time, you should go to the SoWa Market on Sunday. There is a Farmers’ Market, an Arts Market and a Vintage Market. Tons of food trucks, or the Gaslight or Beehive for brunch.

    • I am a Bostonian and must say that Legal Seafood serves some of the best seafood you will ever eat. It is owned by a small family, the Berkowitz’s, and they have several restaurants but are not publicly held. George & Harriet began their fishmarket and restaurant I think in the 60’s, started in Cambridge with just the two of them and a fish cutter. They have grown their family business with great determination to provide always the highest quality seafood, a diverse menu and excellent service for the average Bostonian to be able to enjoy. Fresh seafood, never frozen, so I doubt there is King crab on the menu! The great popularity and success of Legal Seafood has enabled them to expand and grow to the size they are now, along with providing take out foods, catering and a line of their most popular appetizers and delicious chowders sold fresh and frozen at local grocery stores. Mr & Mrs Berkowitz were excellent customers of mine and encouraged me to expand my bead shop into a bigger, more beautiful space and supported me immensely through it. They are now retired and their son Roger runs the restaurants and has written a wonderful cookbook on seafood.This is a perfect example of how a good eating establishment takes its time to build a great reputation on high standards without selling out to some big corporate conglomerante that would have long since degraded it’s food quality and become something chalked up to just another chain restaurant. Don’t miss eating there if you love fresh seafood and you are in the Boston area!

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