Affairs, they march.

I’m working on the press package for Love Letters this week; a little break from the current book to keep dreaming about the next. My interview last week with Hartmann was incredible; I loved every second of it.  I’ve got another one set up Thursday with physicist Jack Wisdom at MIT.

Fabulous news of yesterday is that we have confirmed the Adam Whitehead shot for the cover for the book. Adam is a rock star; I’ve been a fan of his since forever. Most of his portraits are very minimalist, unfussy, all of them are fascinating. Our cover shot is part of a fashion shoot for Harper’s that Adam did some time ago, and I like it for a variety of reasons, including the fact that Ferry was modeling, which ties into some of the themes of his interview; the strange feeling of having the identity of the beautiful man in the suit overshadow his work as a composer; the balance that is so hard to strike between beauty and being taken seriously.

“If you’re looking for love in a looking-glass world, it’s pretty hard to find.”

Love Letters Cover

I’m hoping to interview Adam as well; ideally he’ll come to Barcelona so he can shoot Andre and his globes, equally ideally on site at a Gaudi building. Doriot is on the case with the city of Barcelona, I’m working with Adam and Andre on schedule and budget. I expect nothing but success.

Adam shot the Olympia album art for Ferry, perhaps you’ve seen it? It featured Kate Moss, very glam.

I’m in St. Louis for one more night; tonight we’re having dinner with two fascinating people, the Earth is just crammed with them. Tomorrow I fly to Boston for more almost unimaginable privileges and meetings and interviews and photographs and a sparkling party with gowns, and to hug my sailor for the first time in half a year. My head swims with happy. There is so much more to tell, but I just can’t find the words.

Liam and Evan June 2013

Liam and Evan, and Wyatt and Jasper

Wyatt and Jasper stairs

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    • Oh, sure… a lot of the photographs in the book are going to be done Cindy-Sherman-style; photos we take of ourselves, in character. And I imagine there will be photos from Boston… yes. : )

  1. I think I told you that I used to own an E-Type 2+2 V12 like the one in the Ferry foto. That is where my aversion to license plates on the bonnet/bumper arose. I loved that car.

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