Fun with boys

Three of us went over to the Laumeier Sculpture Park today. Evan was patient with his eccentric parents.

Evans Eccentric Parents


The eyeball is more reflective than you might think, and the pupil reflects the sky. But only really in a camera. You have to photograph the piece before you see the whole of what it can do.

I think that’s excellent.

the closer you look the less you see

The plan was to see the exhibit that they have up on the various St. Louis/New Orleans connections, but sadly it’s Monday, and the museum is closed. So we prowled the grounds instead, seeing favorite older pieces and discovering some new installations.

They have a series of ephemeral / temporary pieces up as part of a series called “Camp Out: Finding Home in an Unstable World. This tent is supposed to remind one of a womb, but we thought it was also a lot like a pear.

Egg Pear Tent Situation

You could climb up inside it.

Bill and Evan in the Pear Tent


But when you came out you might be a zombie.

Zombie Situation


Bill has a fondness for the big black egg. Who wouldn’t? The maquette of the sculpture (the little model of it on the sign that explains it) is cracking; we want to know what is going to hatch out of it. I think there will be a fortune inside, not offspring. Or maybe a smaller black egg.

It sort of looks like Bill is having an idea. The egg, you know, like the lightbulb in a cartoon.

Bill and the Egg


This was another one of the Finding Home series, a beautiful stack of furniture in a rollaway dumpster, one in a series by Oliver Bishop-Young.

Evan calls it “OCD Lumberjack”.

OCD Lumberjack

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  1. I always loved that eyeball sculpture & it’s reflective pupil! I also think that “OCD Lumberjack” is a better title for Youngs’ sculpture.

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