Exciting decisions!

My brain, as David Bowie and Trillian Stars say, hurts like a warehouse, it has no room to spare. So much has streamed into it in the past weeks. So many exciting “Yes” answers on the Love Letters book. So much more to come next week, and next month, and the month after that. My projects are rocketing along in a very fizzy way.

CGB II cover web

Happily, I have become certain that I can and will finish the second volume of Contemporary Geometric Beadwork by the end of the year. There is so much great work associated with this project that it makes my head spin. The set of these books is going to knock your socks off.

I decided to give away the live CGB eBook (which will otherwise be sold as a standalone commercial App for $25) to everyone who pre-orders Volume II.  

This has a nice symmetry to it, as I passed out the read-only eBook free with Volume I. The live eBook is a very nice perk- there will be video for every single project in both books (which is amazing), full and live-clickable copies of both books, and a live hot-linked Index and Resources section. It’s going to kick ass and take names, and when you see it you will know why I say that the paper books are simply souvenirs of a process. They are pretty and they are useful, but they aren’t alive. So: if you haven’t done so yet but you’ve been meaning to, please do pre-order Volume II. If you’ve already ordered, you’re all set.

I’ve also made another great decision- I’m going to work with my publisher to present a project/pattern book, based on the ideas from the CGB books. This book will be ONLY PATTERNS- and lots of them. This seems like a wonderful way to cover all bases. That book will also be finished (on my end) by the end of the year. I’ll try to get them to spiral-bind it- your enthusiasm for the CGB bind will be very helpful in this effort. Thanks for all of the letters, and keep them coming. I’m going to use them to support my case.

As if that weren’t enough for a day, I’ve also put together some excellent bead kits, with colours personally selected with love from my favorite Delica beads. Each kit comes with a lovely, full-colour matte copy (easy to write on) of one of the sections of our book- you choose which chapter. Keep it for note-taking, or give it as a gift to a friend you’d like to introduce to geometric beadwork. Yum! The price of the whole kit, the book chapter and the Japanese cake eraser and pin is in most cases just a bit less than what you’d pay for the beads alone. We’re offering matte copies to bead shops for a very affordable price, too, so that they can make custom kits.

Email me if you are interested.

Screen Shot 2013-06-08 at 4.22.21 PM

I’m also far enough along on the Love Letters book (which I feel comfortable saying will take me until the end of 2014) to take another handful of pre-orders. I’ve had some incredible people say “yes” to me on this book, including an offer for a full publishing contract, but I am going to try to stick to my guns and finish the work on my own and release an Artist’s Edition (exactly as I am doing with Contemporary Geometric Beadwork) before I sell it for commercial distribution. It has become something incredibly, almost unspeakably beautiful, and my edition will also include a fully live digital copy, the EP,  and a deck of the Tarot cards I am painting of each of the characters in the project. The pre-order price is $75; about half of what I will ask when the piece is finished.

Love Letters pre-order

Opening this up is not only a sign of confidence in my timeline but a result of tangible progress; I need to schedule photoshoots, we have studio time and a bit of travel to buy. I sell pieces of my projects now only to the extent that I need to raise money to make them happen… this one is the culmination of decades of work for me and I almost try not to speak of it, it is so magnificent. But it’s time to begin speaking of it, and it’s time to begin funding it.

If you would like to be a part of this, please click here to pre-order while I have it open. I can’t take too many, because of the price; the pre-orders are delivered at cost, to fund the work. This project will be small run, available only from me.

11 thoughts on “Exciting decisions!

  1. Count me in as a “patron” for this next project. My pre-order has just been placed, and I know it will be a beautifully and passionately realized work. I look forward to watching it unfold….

    • Oh, thank you! I can hardly believe how amazing it’s becoming… the “yeses” keep piling up. I can’t wait to schedule our first photoshoot, I just texted Kyle today!

  2. You are flying!!!!!! So happy for you and for all of us you’ve included in this venture one way or another. You’ll be getting my box of latest beading after the 17th and I hope there is something of mine you’ll enjoy.

  3. Hey Kate, As for spiral binding any resource book, it is a Hell yes! I took my copy of Jean Powers Geometric Beadwork to my local photocopy shop and had them spiral bind it…then I took a photo and posted it to the OTTBS group on Facebook, it was the top thread for several days! All in favor!!

    • I know a LOT of people who take their traditionally bound bead books to the shop and have them sliced and spiral-bound. Isn’t it SILLY that Interweave and Lark refuse to do it? I’m going to keep the pressure on. It’s all about printing in China for pennies on the dollar, and stuffing container ships full of boxes.

      And maybe if they stopped selling books to Amazon at ridiculously low prices, they could afford to change their ways. And bead shops could afford to carry the books without having to know that people were going see the books in their shops and go home and order them at wholesale online…

  4. Kate, I’ve been a blog “lurker” for a long time. Haven’t bought your other books because that kind of beading just isn’t my thing even though I think it’s beautiful and recognize the enormous talent required for the creations. However, I can’t resist this “Love Letters” project. (You truly got me with Neil Gaiman!). I love your writing, your politics, and your thought processes (as expressed in the blog). Guess it’s common but even though you don’t know me at all, I think of you as a friend I need to check on every day. I’m happy to add my order to those of others as a patron of your art and look forward with great anticipation to the finished product. I did a bit of writing in a “past life” and know how the whole process can be hard work, fun, frustrating, painful, and incredibly rewarding. Good luck and happy travels as you move forward with it. Wish I could hide in your suitcase when you go to Barcelona!

    • Oh, that makes me so happy. Thank you! Neil is a beautiful human being and I’m glad you are pleased he’s included. I’m very excited about Adam Whitehead, a London-based photographer who is providing the cover image and hopefully an interview and also the Barcelona shoot. It’s quite exciting, the planning is as fun as the living.

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