the light is so deep

The light is so deep and the pool is so cool and the birds are so chirpy and the lizards are so slinky and the cats are so angry, because I had the carpets cleaned today. It’s been what, eight years? I figured it was time. And I washed my car. And dusted my windowsills. And I had a fierce swim, and I answered all of my email, and shipped books, and damn, it’s not yet noon and I could really knock off for the day and hold my head high.

the light is so deep

What this yard needs is an Andre Broessel solar globe, collecting sunlight and moonlight, and making electricity. I don’t even need a tracking globe here, it can simply sit on a tall pole or on the roof of an arbor and be my everything.

It’s sculpture; it can make more electricity than three of me could eat.

Andre Broessel solar sculpture

I’d like wine with lunch, and a nap with my lover. The nap is a must, lover or no, because I’ve got a ticket to see Richard Butler and the Psychedelic Furs tonight at the Rialto, and if I’m going to get up with the sun and stay up with the stars I must sleep while the heat blazes. Today the forecast is for 106, tomorrow 108, perfectly dry.

I’m looking forward to the show. I’ve seen Richard twice, I believe (God knows, it could have been three) but not with the Furs either time. Richard Butler’s voice breaks my heart. Especially when it’s really thrashed and he wears his single strand of pearls.

This is what most people have heard:

she doesn’t have anything you want to steal 
(well nothing you can touch )
she waves , she buttons your shirt 
the traffic is waiting outside 

But this is what I’m in it for:

swallow all your tears, my love
put on your new face
you can never win or lose
if you don’t run the race

11 thoughts on “the light is so deep

  1. Excellent! When I first met the man that would be my husband, he was brooding over a band I hadn’t heard before. (It was the midwest, interesting music and films reached us late.)

  2. Love that phrase, “the man that would be my husband”. Yes, I too need my carpets cleaned and have been putting off the task, wondering what to do with the felines while the cleaning is taking place, short of shutting them up in the bathroom, which seems quite unfair. That solar globe is divine, you definitely need one in the Back 40!

    • ONLY four, I love that. Evan salutes you! He said to me one day, “I already know that I’m going to be one of those guys with eleven cats.”

      And he really meant, “how could I not?” Just like you. I love love love that you are fostering.

    • I have exciting news for you, co-author. It will be Andre Broessel’s pleasure to submit to interviews. I’m plotting our New Yorker article already. The thrill will be how to combine these stupendous individuals correctly; it’s like you say, in post we can put in the Merv Griffin set.

  3. The Furs are coming to Philly later this month. I, too, have seen Richard Butler before (with lovespitlove) but not with the Furs. Have a great time! I’d love to hear how it is.
    I’m planning to go, just for this:
    I don’t want to tape you down or shack you up with me,
    Or put you where the flowers go or get into your mind.
    I’m into you like a train.
    Now fall in love.

    • Oh, they played that song last night! Also, if you saw Love Spit Love, well, that’s practically the Furs. Both brothers were there. You will love the show, definitely absolutely go.

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