Upcoming: Street Life

Things are starting to stick together; my plans both near and far are taking shape.

I sure have a lot to do. I’ve turned some things down to a simmer and other things up to a bubble. I can’t wait to see Bill, the boys, Bri, Boston… next week! On deck for today is rather a lot of practical work, a massage, a couple of swims, and a continuation of the great sweep through my wardrobe. Only the most practical and the most fantastic will survive; Bri has asked for skirts and a ballgown, Liam is appreciative of wonderful old rock T-shirts. My shipping is current. My fridge is full of carrot juice and fresh veggies and there are ripe tomatoes on the plants in the garden.

And now, I must move with vigor, and knock down as many pins as I can.

And then I’m going to get on an airplane and fly to a city and walk and talk and go to parties.

(Amusingly, the girls who used to call Bryan Ferry and hang up fessed up years later- they lived across the street and just loved watching him walk across the room and pick up the phone. I used to do stupid stuff like that too, before Caller ID…. the good old days.)

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