the resentment of a lizard

Thirty-five feet, what do you get?

thirty five feet and what do you get

The Ranch pool is so huge. Photos do not convey it at all- the thing is 35 feet long and 18 feet wide. It’s ten feet deep and all kinds of fun to swim in. At one point, it had a diving board, but it was removed to protect society.

My neighbors, Sam and Grace, still have theirs. I can hear their grandchildren jumping on it twice a year.

Orangelina has a beautiful sunflower growing in her personal aloe bed, which continues to be invaded by the goofy little baby Baron. She is frankly outraged and even went so far as to stuff herself under a brick when I came out to visit her at the crack of eleven (she does not welcome visitors before 10:30 and I like to give her a little space to freshen up).

She refused to even let me LOOK at her. I’m sure I’m not responsible.

orangelinas sunflower

For a minute, I was transported back to France.

photo by kate mckinnon aug 2010

During the insanely incredible massage I had at Carlisle’s (I’ve been going to see her for 25 years now, once a month if I can) I had a lot of ideas come together for me. This is wonderful and terrible.

It might be the case that more of the interviews I’m doing can stand alone; I won’t use them that way for the book, but I’ll certainly do the work that way. And I should do them well enough so that they can.

I said, “I need a tape recorder” and then I thought, silly rabbit, it’s still the future, just like last time you looked, and I checked my IPhone, and there it was, with a gorgeous compass, in the Utilities folder. It was like me saying back in spring, “I need a decibel meter!” Duh. I’m like scavenging in a drawer for some charming instrument with a leather case.

My IPhone is my flashlight, my compass, a scientific calculator, camera, huge reference library, music, film, light array, astronomical navigator, my secretary. If it was also a 3D printer, an ice pack, and a food replicator I’d be ready to walk off into the sunset.

12 thoughts on “the resentment of a lizard

  1. Kate, you are so, so lucky to have a pool out your back door! I don’t miss the hubby I used to have, but I do miss the 20′ x 40′ pool and the summer house in the yard, the rabbits and groundhogs running around through my vegetables, etc. Apartment living is the pits.

    • The nice part about apartment living is that you can come and go with little to no responsibility, but this is not useful if one is not a hopper….

  2. Kate, you are a mine of information. I’ve had my i-phone for a year and only now realised that I can record on it ; )

  3. I love the color of your pool. It is beautifully inviting and that’s saying something, considering the non-swimmer being that I am.

  4. You can record on an iphone? Who knew? And that yard! My heart skips a beat whenever you post pictures of it. I have been looking at places to buy or rent in Tucson for some time now for my future Atomic dream. So many of them (especially the newer ones made of ticky tacky) have nothing planted. Not a tree, not a cactus, nothing. Just brown stones. So unimaginative.

    • Well, when are you coming? I need someone reliable to rent the main house so I can travel. But it’s hard to find anyone who wants birds, garden, or a pool to mess with. I’d love to have you.

  5. I found my Dad’s old tape recorder and a shoe box of cassettes we taped for our grandparents when we lived in Brussels in 1970. I love the sound of the rewind and the “chunk” of the buttons changing commands. It was also wonderful to hear our childhood voices and my Dad’s young voice talking about the things we were doing in Europe.

    • I have a cassette player in my Miata (original 1989 equipment!) and so I get that thrill pretty much daily. I buy cassettes for 25 cents at thrift stores…

  6. I had no idea your pool was so big. You’re sure right about the photos not showing that. We had one pool in one house that was so small it wasn’t much fun. It had a recess in the center back that was called “the deep end.” I could standup in the deep end. No place to exercise with noodles either. Couldn’t swim because it was too short. A grown up wading pool!!!

    • The Ranch pool is freaking huge. 1950s, baby. It’s a real swim swimming in it, and the deeps begin at the halfway point, so it’s safe to dive. Ten feet is really deep, I love it. It keeps the water cool all summer.

  7. Since Ester Williams died today, you might consider bringing me to your pool to put together that synchronized swimming program. I won’t leave you high and dry as, I performed water ballets in the pools at many Miami Beach hotels when I was a student at the U. of Miami in the 50s.
    My B. ED prepared me well to pull together a group in AZ and train them in plenty of time.
    Wadda ya think?

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