much was revealed…

I hardly know what to say about this day.

Every Word True

First of all, it’s beautiful, as is every summer’s day to me.

People are like, OMG, it’s 104 outside. But it’s lovely in my yard, there is a lot of shade, a nice breeze, a cool pool, and a fuckload of life.

While I was taking a photo of this fab orange dragonfly, the Baronet was chasing his son out of not only the nest but the general vicinity of his birth-tree.

Orange Dragonfly

He’s been hanging around the yard, feeling however he feels.

Staying too close, maybe.

There's a new Red Menace in town

This is him, sitting in the lattice just next to my outdoor tub. Just previous to this he was frisking in Orangelina’s personal aloe bed; she ran over in disbelief, evaluating him for sanity, size, edibility. In the end, all she could do was stare at him pointedly, he was oblivious.

God help him, he is very friendly. As is his sister. But SHE isn’t rejected. Only males are cast out like that, with the beating of wings.

Actually, there was a touching moment late in the day, where mama and his sister and he were all at the feeder, and he publicly asked her for food, and she jumped at him, “go away”.  But then, after feeding his sister, she snuck into the orange tree where he was sitting, confused I imagine, and fed him too. Where no one could see.

This tells me that her heart isn’t in the whole “drive away the sons” situation.

Mine would not be either.

I went to a favorite thrift shop this morning, and picked up a bit of summer reading. This stunning collection set me back about $20.

summer reading 2013

Most striking of all, however, was the river-rock jumping I was able to do, courtesy of Alma Legacy, from the Sokolsky Bubble photos to the Rawlemon light collecting globe.

The architect who designed this is Barcelona-based; believe it that I have added him to my list of people I must speak to. Also, I need a solar globe.


Rawlemon light collecting globe

When I go fly with Larry tonight, it should be a Very Sparkly trip.

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