this was our living room!

Us, 1971-72.

Except our was like… sunken. You know?

But our carpet was green shag (like grass) and we had a philodendron and that was us. I was 8 and then 9.


And this was like my uncle John’s living room, looking down over Albuquerque, from a house made of circles. I still think about him every day; nuclear physicist, car-lover. The room is missing the piano, and the records.


He wants me to wax the Miata. I want to do that too.

(Don’t ask me what Ferry was doing with that guitar.)

These designs are perfect; I want to build every single one of them.


Swoon! This is Bill and I, dancing to Roxy Music on some fabulous beach in some exotic place.

And here we are repeating the action in the beautiful apartment we will rent in some sparkling city.


When people say the word “cabin” they (sadly) rarely mean cabin. But this rather uncabin-like cabin is the best cabin ever. I am so inspired by this.


See thirteen images here.

Thanks to Bette Cohen for the link!

2 thoughts on “this was our living room!

  1. Fantastic! I look at these and am magically transported back to my teens…I’m in ninth grade yearning to spread my wings and explore the future. I dream of being a rich and famous jet setter and getting as far away as I can from my hometown.

    OMG, it’s more than fifty years since I lived and dreamed in that era!

  2. It reminds me of the Jetsons! Funny that these are supposed to be in the past and the Jetsons was supposed to be the future.

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