Queendoms, small and large

This is Orangelina’s Queendom, topped with a crumbling dragon-god, just West of the pool and right in the middle of Birdland.

Orangelinas Queendom

I admit that I have made few decisions so far, but my Futurecasting is more like making a two-week cassoulet than Bananas Foster. Things have to get together in my mind, simmer a while, while I try them on for size, adjust them to fit each other.

One thing I know- once I get to Europe this Fall, I’m going to stay across the water for as long as I possibly can. It will be bounded only by my longing for Bill and the boys- I can figure out the rest. I did have an epiphany when I realized that staying warm was still one step up from the truth I was hunting for. It’s important, but only for static states. What really matters is that I keep moving, and I love love love citywalking. I’d be fine for a while in cooler climates as long as they were in cities that were alive. Gaudi and Dali are on my list for continued study, and I plan to finish writing the text for the second volume of Contemporary Geometric Beadwork on site with Gaudi.

I can think of a thousand million things I would do or want to do or plan to do, but I can think of no reason on Earth to do anything I don’t want to do.

It’s trancelike, this imagining, and strangely exhausting.

Ferry texture

I’ve decided to go ahead and interview Commander Ferry; as with all things in life, if you are willing to do it better than anyone else, you’ll definitely be given a shot; if you write a great article it will get published. I’m weary of the shoddy work that keeps getting churned out… the same drivel, over and over again.  I’m doing fairly well with it so far; I’ll send my questions ahead, at the end of the summer, and then hopefully have a chance to talk to him about them in person. I’ll speak to him twice at least; it should work out.  Why wouldn’t it?

My study of Ferry is not only for the Love Letters book, but (as I may have mentioned before) when some time ago I selected avatars for my mental training, I chose him to hold a really rather staggering number of aspects; hard work first, of course, and having some goddamned standards, and lastly (because of his own nature and his resemblance to Bill) fidelity.

WHY are these traits as rare as the white rat in spring?

Before all of that, though, I have Bill Hartmann and Jack Wisdom up. Do you know what I need? I need that old Merv Griffin set. I wonder if Kramer still has it in his apartment…?




5 thoughts on “Queendoms, small and large

  1. We can create the set in post…all we need is a few sequins. Actually, I’ve been looking at theatre curtains for awhile. Whee!

  2. Ok Now, I have been watching the Kate Show for a really long time and I’ve been utterly infatuated by the huge variety of entertaining things (I don’t know what term to assign to that huge variety of entries). Where and how do you dig up those rare tidbits? Is all you have to do is think of some fleeting moment in your past and type it in to Google and up it pops? Then what do you do to send it out for us to experience? Now, what if I want to add it to some nefarious collection of mine, how do I grab onto it? E gads! What fun you provide us. And beading too. Thanks for sharing! Ruth B.

  3. As one of the lucky ones on the list for Love Letters, I’m so excited to get these glimpses of what’s to come!

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