King of Lizards

Baronet in a mesquite

Miss Fish loves it when I turn the AC on; she was getting hot. I brush about a basketball of fur off of each cat every morning and night. I’m surprised there is any cat left at all, in either case.

The Fishstick likes AC

The Art of Fielding is a summer book I picked up yesterday; I’ll probably save it for my next trip, which will be St. Louis, Boston, and NYC in just a week.

The birds adjusted to me removing the easy-swig nectar feeders with barely a shrug. I overthought the whole thing. They are used to things coming and going; now there is a tomato, tomorrow a peach; their policy is to hork it down while they see it, which is a good one for a bird. So when I took the Kool-Aid away, they were like, whatever.

art of fielding

Simon likes the newly cooler indoors as well; when Miss Fish allows it (rarely) he joins us  at Command Central.

Simon likes AC too

And will you look at who showed up today (Bill nods his head sagely): Alexander, King of Lizards.

He was determined to gain entry to my bedroom. As you can imagine it pained me to deny him.

Alexander attempting ingress

Deep in the night
Plying very strange cargo
Our soul-ships pass by
Alexander Awesome

Don’t worry. That’s just a bird poop on his back.


8 thoughts on “King of Lizards

  1. What an exquisite lizard! I love the colors and textures of his scales, and I’m stealing his photo for future reference.

  2. Do you think the birds keep score on their hits? Can you tell us who is winning?

  3. I just read The Art of Fielding and enjoyed it much more than I expected to. It’ll good for trip reading….engaging, and easy to pick up where you left off (if you have to put it down for a little bit).


  4. Superrad! As much as I’ve always loved cats, I was so glad I wasn’t one when I was growing up in Phoenix in the 70s. Our swamp cooler would bring the temperature down to about 93 indoors and I wondered if our black longhair Carla would make it. She did, of course. Then on a school field trip to Pioneer Village I suddenly realized how hot it must have been to wear petticoats, etc. in the old West. No air cond or swamp coolers, no deodorant. Hooray modern life! But get rid of those stupid green-grass gold courses, willya?

    • Stupid golf courses. Well, actually, the only thing I object to about golf courses is grass. I suspect that if all of those boys put their mind to it, they could come up with artificial turf that boggles the brain, it’s so good. But they will only do that when they actually use up every last drop of our water. Motherfuckers!

  5. Your photos are just wonderful. And, he sure is a beautiful lizard. Really enjoy your posts.

    from foggy San Francisco

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