San Diego!

Back when Southwest had a sale, I bought a round-trip ticket to San Diego for about the price of dinner out, and so here I am, tucked up in Doriot’s spare bedroom, ready to celebrate my birthday tomorrow with friends I love. Of course I miss Bill terribly; I’ll see him in just over a week.

This afternoon, we went to Frock You, a favorite vintage clothing store, and I bought a crazed skirt from the 1960s and one of those insanely detailed little black slips from back in the day. And a pink knitted lace cardigan. It was great to see Kenny King, who runs the shop.

This is Kenny, showing one of my fine silver meditation dish-rings to some fish. They were enchanted, naturally.

Kenny and the Fish

After that, we stopped into a thrift store, and I bought a lovely old 1940 Colliers edition of two Kipling short story collections, written in the late 1800s. It’s a lovely small book, about 5 x 8, with pretty gold leaf on the spine and embossing on the cover, and it cost $1.20, and I think that’s lovely.

I’ll read myself to sleep, here in the hide-a-bed at Doriot’s house.




It was good to talk to Doriot about our project in progress, and to not bring even a single bead or piece of work with me. I’m simply existing; it’s lovely, and the garden is a riot of flowers, and the weather is perfect.

I send a virtual squeezle-the-weasel to Miss Fish, who runs down the hall exactly like a weasel, and always, no matter where we start from, beats me through the bedroom door. It’s like a little game she has, one of her many. Of course I wish I could bring her everywhere I go, but that isn’t how it works. I’d like to find Bill in every place I lay down to sleep as well, and a little chocolate on every pillow, and peppermint ice cream in every freezer case.

The three planets were lined up like a spear tonight, did you see them?



10 thoughts on “San Diego!

  1. You snuck away. What a smart girl!
    Enjoy! Hope you have amazing weather and a visit!

  2. Happy Birthday!!! Like you, I find being on the other side of 50 makes me more aware of how little sand is left in the top of the hourglass compared to that which is now anchoring the bottom half but so far, that’s the only major drawback. So glad you are celebrating with Doriot, sounds perfect (except for the absent Bill, of course). Have fun, you two! Sending you both much love.

  3. I love hearing about your vintage finds. I would enjoy wearing clothes like that and you are inspiring me to find some of my own. You inspire me in so many ways… I really think that instead of WWJD, we should sport jelly bracelets embossed with WWKD – What would Kate do?

    I heard an interview with Maya Angelou the other day and she was talking about aging. She said the fifties were pretty neat. But the eighties were stupendous! “Do it if you can!” she said of reaching that lofty age. So apparently you have much to look forward to. Well, obviously would be a better word! Age, time, linear boxes – all bullshit, I say.

    • It is sheer vanity on my part, well, more than that. It’s simply a fact that I am past a point where one may do certain things without being vulgar. And I am unwilling to be vulgar.

      Of course, there is an entirely new bin of things one may now do without being vulgar, so I suppose I will have to, with a sigh, see what’s in the new box.

      I would be crushed about all of this if I were not in a twine with Bill; really, I would be half-destroyed. Love is my engine.

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