Christ, it’s gorgeous here!

Kill me now


Chive flowers

Above, flowering chives. The flowers taste like garlic; I plan to make a little avocado omelette for lunch (with cantaloupe and raspberries on the side) and put the white flowers on top of it.

Orangelina Under the Bridge

Orangelina might have slept under the bridge last night. This is much more likely than the theory that she got up early and just happened to emerge from there, blinking like a fish, at noon.

She warmed up soon enough, though, and scampered over to her brick to pose for me. THOSE HANDS. They slay me with their expression, their detail. And those little lizard lips. Kiss kiss, pretty girl.

Orangelina and her hollow brick  

The Cthulhu Cactus continues to produce flowers so blindingly orange that they put the camera into overload.

Cthulhu Cactus flower

The cats are adorable.

Simon in Orangelinas space

Orangelina doesn’t like it when Simon hangs out in her space, but he really doesn’t consider her in the slightest. I have to carry him off. 

Ferry Strand

This morning has been so full of this kind of beauty that I’m completely overstimulated and need a nap.

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  1. I love to see your garden and the sunny warm weather and cats and lizzards and birds. love the birds.

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