Another hopelessly fabulous day

So this morning I cut a pepper from the garden, a pretty yellow one, and I couldn’t remember what it was.

I figured I’d just cut a slice of it, and try it. It was quite the experience. Turns out it’s a yellow cayenne, and it’s extraordinarily hot. Delightfully hot.

Yellow Cayenne

I cut a few of the garlic chive flowers (previous post) and put them on top of a little omelette that had the tip of the cayenne pepper diced up in the eggs.

As you can see, it was stupendous. Can’t you just TELL?  I love eating flowers, and garlic flowers are 100% made of win.

Your body is your temple feed it flowers and hot chilis

Orangelina watched me eat; I offered her a piece of arugula but she was offish.

The Beautiful Lizard Orangelina

The golden wall at the east end of the pool sparkled like it was really made of gold this afternoon.

Golden Wall

But in the deep blue twilight, the wall disappears and all I can see is the blue blue edge of the slats on the Sky Arbor.

Blue Sky at Night

I saw the sparkling conjunction of planets again, Jupiter, Venus and Mercury, and they were in a very different triangle tonight. What a treat. Sorry if you were in the clouded out swath of the Earth. I couldn’t really get a photo, I don’t have the right setup for long exposures of things in space. But I saw them, and they rocked, and they looked like this last night from Payson, AZ. Photo by Chris Schur, who is most assuredly set up for that.

Triple Planetary Conjunction, photographed in Payson AZ, May 26, by Chris Schur

This image, and several other stunning shots (including a view of them over Normandy, France, are available at this link.

Today, Kitty-Cat Mihos updated her Neverwear shop with some new handmade magnets. She makes them from her salvaged comic book collection (they got flooded, sadly, and badly damaged. So she makes these:


Just look at that artwork. Exquisite! I missed this one but did score a lovely Vampirella and this excellent Batman triple panel drawn, according to Cat, who should know, by Cliff Chiang.

They go fast, as you might imagine, but if you’d like one too, check out the Neverwear shop, under Kitty’s Treasures, Magnets.

Batman Triple Magnet

And, to tuck you up with a smile, your nightly Ferryman.

Ferry having a drink with me

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  1. I know I’m not alone in this opinion, but the lizard and cat pics are the perfect pick-me-up.

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