summer is so fabulously awesomely excellent


May at the Ranch

Summer continues warm and sunny, with big blue skies. The pool continues oddly cold; it still hasn’t broken 80F. This is hugely unusual; it’s like the pool is a full month behind normal, and even though it’s been in the 90s and 100s in the days and the 60s and 70s at night, the water hasn’t caught up.

There is something weatherwise about this summer that is simply inexplicable; we all feel it.

Whatever’s going on, it’s incredibly pleasant. To have the air be 100 and the pool be 78 is a treat. The water is a shock of cold at first, then so refreshing. I’ve never actually felt it like this, because, well, it’s never been like this.

James and the Giant Coach

James came over today and rigged a come-along off of the two mesquite trees along the south fence, and we winched the Barbie Coach another twelve feet into the yard.

When I brought the Coach in, the fence was new, the B40 had just been reclaimed from a weedy alleyway, it was just a big dirt space,and it was hard to know where/how it would fit. I really like it scooted forward; he moved it all of the way to the first mesquite. It’s very sociable now, and feels like a real part of the environment.

I plan to paint it this fall, so this will give me a better chance to study it.

Orangelina watched the whole thing intently. I was going to Photoshop the bird poop off of her back, but I figured, hey. If she doesn’t care, I don’t either.

Both she and Alexander love the holes in the block wall that were left when James and I sawed the gap out of it. I meant to finish the edges, but the lizards were like, “Noooooo!!” and what could I do?

Orangelina May 23 2013

Simon was also on the scene, and his beauty and grace inspired us to great heights of engineering.

Simon adorable

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