Childhood photos re-created

Irini Werning 3

I love this kind of project. And this is a rather nice soundtrack.

Photos taken from Irina Werning’s web site (her work is astonishing, and her photos are the ones with captions below) and a string of shots that get passed around the Internets, photographer(s) unknown to me.

Buttercups, daisies and most anything
They wither and fade
after blossom in spring

Time conquers innocence, pride takes a fall
in knowledge lies wisdom, that’s all

Irina Werning 2

Childhood shots 3

Everything changes, weather blows hot or cold
Through alchemy iron turns gold
Quicksilver baby, so hard to pin down

As destiny wills it, so seasons will change
Just like you

Irina Werning 1
Screen Shot 2013-05-22 at 7.28.13 AM

Childhood shots 1

Naturally, I want to do a series of my own:

Police and Fire Hats with Plastic Owl: Liam and Evan McKinnon

tiny dancer, Kate, about five years old

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    • Oh, I already have it. In orange silk, black lace, and I’m pretty sure I have a white net one SOMEWHERE…

      Hey! By the way, I now learn that Major Crimes is in fact a spinoff of The Closer. You will love it! I have a mental problem with fake accents, especially fake Southern accents, so I could never and I mean never watch Kyra Sedgwick. But this one, hell yes.

  1. I’ve only watched The Closer once and I just can’t get past watching Kyra Sedgwick’s mouth moving and that fake drawl…it so totally dominates her face that I loose track of the storyline!

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