glorious florious!

It’s another mindbendingly fabulous day.

Cooper Pool May 2013

Lemons are lemoning.

Future Lemons of America

Jasper texted me from St. Louis.

Jasper by Bill

And Orangelina’s camouflage is excellent.

Oranglina camouflage

I’ve had a swim, done my shipping, folded my laundry, told at least one lizard I loved them, admired at least one cardinal baby, petted two cats, posted on the Book Blog, talked to my King, and I have time for a photo session (I’ve got two difficult and exciting pieces on the studio table) a nap, a draft of our Press Kit, another swim, and a spin at Electric Larryland. My kind of day.

This is one of the tailoring shots I put up this morning, showing how switching to smaller beads, taking darts, and decreasing Wings all make for a smaller bangle.

Tailoring options on a  ZigWing, Kate McKinnon, CGB Vol II, 2013


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  1. flowers that don’t fade, wilt, wither or die; that’s what this bangle is made of……….

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