And another perfect day of solitude in the glittering desert opens with warm sun, chittering finches, wheeling raptors, quail families.

On Sundays, Simon and I like to do the NYT crossword together, drink a lot of really good coffee, and watch the birds. He sits by the pool while I swim, but does not come in. I thank my lucky stars that no one is in charge of me, making me visit relatives (this might be why I hate sitting on couches, the second I sit on one I feel a valve open and my life starts draining out of it) or go to church.

There is no dinner to cook, nowhere I have to be. But still, just thinking of Sundays can piss me off, which is absurd, seeing as whatever dudgeon I have about all of that stolen time is fairly dusty- I’ve been free for over 30 years.

Apparently, it’s a permanent grudge. What a waste of energy.

sundays can be awesome


No one has ever made Miss Fish visit anyone, or listen to bizarre, unpleasant, myth-based threats of fire and brimstone, of terrible End Times ™ and a jealous, petulant Creator who tortured nice people just to see if they went bad and pretended that you might have to kill your child to prove your love. Meh.

But of course I’m also still disgusted with the Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus, Jr. High, high school, college, corporate life, politics, religion, and just about every other organized societal structure. You see why I have to live alone, with lizards?

Just the slightest whiff of bullshit, and I’m done. Which doesn’t leave much, and frequently leaves me out as well.

The Wild Fishstick


It’s rude to go all paparazzi on someone’s little baby, so this is really the best I can do. But look! CARDINAL BABY!

baby cardinal

15 thoughts on “Sunday

  1. Know exactly what you mean !! Personal exception though, I am very fond of the Tooth Fairy, but, obviously, that doesn’t mean you have to be. Enjoy your day, I am. Gorgeous warm and sunny at last.

    • Fairytales are awesome but I’ve never grasped lying to children. Especially about people sneaking into their houses to do things. As you see I simply have no capacity to grasp why this would be a good thing.

  2. The tooth fairy? Kate how could you, I think she lives at the end of my garden! Simon looks like he knows an answer but is keeping it to himself.
    I totally agree about the couch theory. A chair with a book, maybe, preferably outside! Happy Sunday x

  3. I hated Sundays as a kid. At that time, there were only three channels on TV with nothing a kid wanted to watch. As for going to church, I spent an hour every Sunday listening to Latin, which I didn’t understand and staring at the beadie-eyed mink on the stole of the woman who sat in the front pew. What a waste of time that was. I love Sundays now, which are usually reserved as date days – lunch with Steven at a romantic local cafe, a good bottle of wine, and a lovely nap afterwards!

  4. I used to hate Sundays too! It was a day of bickering while being rushed off to church. Church was boring. I liked the stained glass, sculpted statues & artwork in general. But later I learned that I could find lots of that stuff in museums, art fairs, & excellent architecture. Here in the Northwest, (devoid of relatives), I get to chill out on Sundays. So Sunday has truly become a day of rest for me. Now, sofas………that’s different. I LOVE sofas! But that is because I associate them w/ sci-fi & good food. (aside from sharing a “doobie” w/ friends long ago) My theory is: that if you have a really wonderful sofa & a proper sized coffee table that you don’t really NEED any other furniture. You can sleep on the sofa & sit on it while eating from the coffee table. This would be my “ideal” to live in a studio with all my art materials w/ a sofa & coffee table. I do know that fairies aren’t “real” but they are magical ideas. And as an artist I strive to bring magical things to life in whatever medium I’m working in. My children call me the “Muffin Fairy” because I love to bake magically yummy muffins, cakes, scones……..baking is just art you can EAT!

    • Magic is excellent, but I have to tell you, I felt like an idiot when I fell for the Santa Claus schtick. I feel exactly the same about religion. Stuff like that is quite rightly best loaded into very young,impressionable heads.

      I was pretty cheesed off when I slowly realized how many people told me absolute crap.

      I mean, the BRONTOSAURUS wasn’t even real. It was two dinos that they got mixed up. I could give you a list as long as my arm of wrong things I was told by adults who were either lying or sure that they were right. Meh. Bah! Grownups are stupid. I continue to eye them very very warily.

      • The Brontosaurus isn’t REAL? That is disappointing……But Santa & the Easter Bunny were always fun games. I associated them with candy, toys & fun. Religion makes people too critical of each other–no fun at all……I believe God the Creator just wants us all to “get along……play nice”.

          • Thanks Kate! What a cool article! Reality is mysterious. Unfortunately for me the reality of my childhood was mostly painful. So I found relief from reality in old fairy tale books. I love oddities so some of the REALLY OLD fairy stories were odd enough to attract me. One of my favorite story collections is “My Book House”. The pen & ink style illustrations have always held my interest. What’s really cool for me these days is that I have a neighbor who also appreciates & collects oddities just as I do.

  5. And i thought I was the only person who loathed Sundays and adored Saturdays. Funny!

  6. I find your attitude completely commendable! As soon as I could escape my family and all their weird baggage and quaint, controlling customs, I did so wholeheartedly. My husband feels the same about holidays, church, etc., and in fact we got together because we both prefer living alone, and work in opposite ends of the house.

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