summertime is my time


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Orangelina is frisking in the newly watered and turned over sunflower seed compost in the orange tree beds; she’s been playing in there for hours, eating bugs. I still haven’t seen Alexander- it’s been days now and I don’t like that. But I also haven’t put in the time, sitting out there, for the same reason he’s harder to see- it’s really hot now. Now that they’re fully awake and warmed up, they are running all over the B40 like chickens on crack.

I still have hope of seeing Everyone’s Favorite Lizard alive and well.

Also, since Mrs. B is still hanging out at the feeder, she must not be sitting yet. Of course I give the same disclaimer as ever; I don’t know jack about what’s really going on anywhere.

But doesn’t he look proud of his pretty girl?

Lady B and the Baronet

I can’t get as close to her as I can to him (as the Lord intended). In fact it’s hard to get close to any of these guys. I’d love to have a telephoto lens. It’s on my list, but there are a lot of things ahead of it. I’ve got a press run coming up (the CGB Calendar) and I’ll be needing to do a second run on CGB Volume I soon. First things first.

4 thoughts on “summertime is my time

  1. Love the juxtaposition of the furry kitty belly and the furry cactus. Not that they feel at all similar irl. Hoping the best for Alexander…and knowing that my sense of his best and the Universe’s may not be the same.

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