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There is ever so much Ferrylicking going on, it ramps up daily thanks to Gatsby. It’s like looking into the ice cream cabinet and all of the flavours are Roxyish, silver sparkles, sleek blue suits. Today’s entree is an in-depth piece in the Telegraph, titled “Bryan Ferry is the backbone of The Great Gatsby soundtrack.” 

It is not objectionable to see this. After all nothing was more roxy (and roxy, by the way, is a bit of vintage slang  that means swank, sleek, stylish) than the Fitzgerald Moment. It’s a trippy overlap, with his Jazz Age record and the film… to my knowledge, neither one of them had the slightest connection until they did; but the movie, Jay-Z, and the media are all making it seem like turning your avante-edge rock work into 20’s dance jazz is completely ordinary. Like it’s just what we do.

Except people don’t do it. But look, see how gorgeous this is. I was onboard immediately:

Ferry’s Jazz Age project didn’t make a lot of sense to his rock fans when he started it. He didn’t sing on the record, for one. That’s just outrageous. It’s like not having a flowering vine at your door in a land where flowering vines grow with no care or watering. One should be TICKETED for failing to put out if you have something so potentially beautiful. I’m conflicted about it. I want vocals, but I kind of like the way Ferry chose not to put himself forward, and it fit with the things I was thinking about my own life.

It can be very heady to forget about yourself and just make the work, or to interpret the work of others, bring your own mind to their creation, and see if you can take it someplace new.

It’s a funny thing, being in the front of the room all of the time. It makes unexpected facets of a personality tired. Some people feed on it; this confuses me and I do not trust those people entirely, even if I like them.

For the jazz record, Ferry said simply that he’d written a lifetime of music, and the music was the thing, and he wanted to hear it, to have other people hear it. He’d written it all, giant sexy stacks of it, and it was good stuff. I think it puzzled him that 90% of the conversation about his career was about how great he looked in a suit.

Whatever I end up thinking of the film when I see it this weekend, I’m enchanted by the professionalism of the presentation of all of the backstory, production video, etc. Whoever masterminded promotion for the movie is a fucking genius. And good on them for not taking down all of the soundtrack uploads from YouTube. I dig people who get it.

See what I mean:

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