My photos this afternoon made my Zigged Wing Flower bangle look predatory. This is a crazy piece, changing attitude with every round. I’m nowhere near finished, but it’s to this point I’m writing the pattern.


Zig Wing 5

Kates Zig-Wing Flower, CGB Volume II, 2013, Kate McKinnonI can’t decide if it looks like a spaceship, a cathedral, a praying mantis, or a frame for a Mongol helmet.

Liam McKinnon 2012, Genghis Khan

Genghis Khan, Liam McKinnon



5 thoughts on “predator

  1. Damn Kate, that top one (my fave) REALLY looks predatory! Sinister alien artifact; you could put it on your head but I think it’s purpose would be to extract rather than protect, lol.

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