May morning sunshine, 6 a.m.

The light is so sharp and clean that you could use the Baronet’s crest as a sundial; the quail are so reliable they could be your alarm, the pool is so clear that not even a cat hair could hide in it.

Lumens sit on my skin like gold dust; I dive into the pool; Guatavita.

May morning sunshineOh, definitely click to enlarge, you must see the sun gleaming on the Baronet.

In Ari-zona, everything is Nice,

Is a zone where
There is no doubt

No more fall-out –
Why don´t you step
Through the mirror and see?
From Arizona
To Eldorado
Sure is a mighty long way.

5 thoughts on “Ari-zona

  1. The Baronet’s crest is like a feathered scimitar … what a handsome little rascal.

    Lordy, I miss Arizona! What a lovely compound/retreat/sanctuary you’ve crafted.

    • I can’t believe you just moved and it wasn’t to Tucson. Boo! You have to fill me in on when I should start scouting mid-town mid-century gems for you.

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