It’s nice and hot now

78 in the pool, 88 in the house. Just unspeakably perfectly perfect. I finally see 100+ temps in our forecast (and am one of a small handful of people here happy to see them).

It’s been a long cold Spring, but by God here we go.

Nice and Hot

Above, the view peeking through the honeysuckle trellis to the East, and the trellis with slats painted sky-blue. Perhaps the photo will warm you if you are in a still-frozen land.

Below, who knew that cicadas were so cute? Those red eyes slay me, they are like drops of glossy paint. That is exactly the colour of orange-red I love to use for accent.

I wonder if the East Coast is ready for its cicada invasion. I might be so lucky as to encounter them myself, as I’m headed out to see my sailor and visit Boston for the first time next month.

Who knew

I put the Baronet in charge of my email, and so far he hasn’t really done anything but I feel great about it.



I’ve been working on another Zigged Band exploration, same sorts of ideas as the Fortuneteller Bangle, but going in a different design direction. I’ve done mine with fairly soft tension so I can work both sides of it at once, and hold it flat if I want to.

ZigWing Flower Bangle in progress






4 thoughts on “It’s nice and hot now

  1. That photo defintely helps, thank you! I shall imagine myself sitting exactly there, sipping a cold lemonade after a dip in the pool. :)

  2. I remember, when growing up in the Phoenix area, thinking it too cold to get into a pool if it’s under 90 degrees. Now, in the pacific NW, I wonder what the deal is with pools up here—people are getting a pool for the two days a year they can swim? I’m only exaggerating a little. To each her/his own…

    Musings like those are blown away by the superrad Zigged Band exploration/Fortuneteller offshoot! Offshoots are where it’s at. Offshoots rock. By the way, I’ve been battling through distractions to finish a piece that is so rad that I’m struggling to avoid photographing it before it’s done. Maybe I’ll just photograph it before it’s done instead of struggling.

    Our Steller’s Jays are rocking the deck area up here. They are completely blue and black and have a crest like the cardinals. Loud and gorgeous.

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