11 thoughts on “sometimes I can’t believe it

  1. Yes, Yes! HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! Your photos are beautiful. My children are all still asleep in their beds & safe. My husband is making waffles for me, the birdies are chirping, the flowers are blooming……..it is lovely.

  2. margriet schnabel
    Kate: you must be sooo proud of these three. Happy Mother’s Day!!

  3. Happy Mother’s Day, Kate. We celebrated with the daughter, SIL and 2 grandgirls. We all had a grand time, too! It’s also our 29th anniversary so yay!!

  4. Before long you will be celebrating with the in-laws and grands on Mothers’ day. We were 9 out of the possible 17 for brunch and then the soccer game. What a blast when the boys gave me that 50′ green wrinkled garden hose that fits into a measuring cup. They so sweet! Many more to you!

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