Finally! The house is 86F inside, just how I like it. Nice nice nice. No bugs, no humidity. All of the windows open, fans moving the air softly.

The pool is swimmy, the sky is full of stars, I feel like a kitten and I feel my Real Body coming back; not just the muscles tightening up but the relaxed feeling of my skeleton no longer trying to crawl deeper inside my sarx.

I live in my bikini now… swimming, working, filling the bird feeders, working on my book project.

Today, I made great headway on a new piece, I talked to all three of The Three and tonight, I had a beautiful night swim under the moon, and Jupiter, and Gemini, and then I came inside and had a lime popsicle, and you know, I just felt completely happy.

night lights 2013

I took the weekend mostly off; no shipping, no business correspondence, tons of beading. It was lovely.

And both Mr. and Mrs. B are still at the feeder; no little Baronet eggs yet I presume.

Happy birthday Gabriel Byrne, you handsome devil, fellow Gemini, man wearing jewelry.

gabriel byrne

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  1. Send some of that warmth our way…it’s 45degrees here and my herbs are languishing in the kitchen while waiting for the weather to warm so they can be planted in the herb garden.

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